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Vision Measuring Machine
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SINOWON Cantilever Automatic Vision Measuring Machine
XYZ three axis CNC automatic control and accurate positioning;Granite base and column, excellent stability;Precision linear guide, grinding ball screw and AC servo motor etc., to ensure the precision and stability of the motion system; 0.5 um high precision linear scale...
$11,100.00 $9,588.00
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SINOWON Automatic Vision Measuring Machine
Product Characteristic:Moving Bridge type structure, measuring workpiece is fixed;Four-axis CNC fully auto close loop control, auto measurement;Marble base and pillar, good stability;Imported linear scale, resolution is 0.1um, grinding ball screw and AC servo motor etc. to ensure the precision and...
$39,999.00 $36,890.00
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SINOWON Manual Vision Measuring Machine
Adopt high-precision granite base and column to ensure the stability and precision of the machine;Adopt high-precision toothless polished rod and fast-moving locking device to ensure that the return error of the table is within 2um;Adopt high-precision instrument optical ruler and...
$7,690.00 $6,990.00
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