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1 A;What is the application field of the items to be measured?

Answer : Electronics, PCB board, semiconductor, military industry, hardware, mold, medical, and auto parts.

2: What is the maximum dimension of each axis (X/Y/Z)?

Working Travel:
Min: 100mm*50mm~Max: 3000mm*2000mm
Z-axis: 100mm~500mm (standard Z-axis travel is 200mm).

3: What is the maximum weight of items to be measured?

Cantilever type≤30Kg;
Moving-bridge type≤50Kg;
manual stage≤30Kg;
customized glass workbench≤50Kg;
customized marble platform can reach to 500Kg~1000Kg.

4: What is the Accuracy?

The accuracy of X/Y-axis can reach to 1.5+L/200μm;
the accuracy of Z-axis can reach to 4+L/200μm

5: What kind of sensors can be chosen?

Standard visional sensor, optional contact probe sensor and confocal laser sensor.

6: What are the geometric elements of the key dimensions of items to be measured?

Dimension Tolerance and geometric tolerance: Latest high-end Sinowon 3D VMM can measure straightness, flatness, roundness, cylindricity, profile of a line, profile of a surface, parallelism, perpendicularity, position symmetry and concentricity.

7: Can we test 2 or 3 locations for the features?

If there are 2 or 3 locations, contact star probe is recommended.

8: What are the material and color of items to be measured?

Color will have a great effect on optical sensors (lens, camera and light source), especially black. Select the surface light source or coaxial illumination (different colors) according to different materials.

9 :MIs contour comparison (Digital Analog MBD) required?

Optional digital analog comparison module of the measurement software, high value and high cost. 3D Digital Analog Comparison: CNC MS + Touch probe module
2D: Drawings comparison is available

10: What are the quantities and classes of items to be measured?

Automatic model is recommended if samples are in a great quantity, otherwise manual model. Automatic high accuracy model is recommended during the phrase of R&D.

11: What is the operating environment of VMM? 

Automtic model recommend Working Environment: Temperature 20℃±2℃,Humidity Range<2℃/hr,
Humidity 30~80%, Vibration<0.002g, <15Hz

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